Daniel Skougaard
21 October 1862–14 May 1863
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Daniel Skougaard
Birth   •   0 Sources
21 October 1862
Horsens, Vor Frelsers, Nim, Skanderborg, Denmark
Age 0
Death   •   0 Sources
14 May 1863
At Sea: Journals of Hans Peter Lund Journals (Ms 8941), typescript translation, pp. 79-81, 84. LDS Church Historical Department Archives Wednesday 6 at 5 a.m. we left for Liverpool by train. Str. Else Petersen died at the station. 140 emigrants arrived at went aboard a big ship B. S. Kimball with captain Dearbom. [Dearborn] May 7 we arranged our things and was piloted out, we arranged us in the best way. Cannon, Jesse Smith and come more were aboard. May 8 the officials came and surveyed everybody. Ole Madsen's child was sick and parents and 2 children had to stay, the rest of the family left. We had a nice meeting where Cannon and Jesse Smith talked and I was appointed to preside over the Saints to New York, with P. Beck [Beckstrom] and C. Winge as counselors. J. N. Smith blessed us. After they had committed us in the hands of the Lord they left us. A steamboat took us to Holyhead. We had a meeting in the evening and we organized the company in 7 wards with each a president. A. Jorgensen Vogt as captain and he arranged several things. The Saints were happy and by good health. May 7, 4 couples were married: Christoffer Winge and Ane Marie Salvesen, Norway; Johannes Naess and Christine Larsen, Jylland; Jorgen Dinesen and Christine Christensen, Jylland; Soren Petersen and Ane Nielsen, Jylland. May 8 Severin Poulsen and Rasmine Vaibel, Jylland; J. H. Hendriksen and Maren Rasmussen, Fyen; R. Nielsen and Maren B. Sorensen, Aarohus Jylland; S. G. Baerenstrom and Johanne Engstrom, Goteborg; P. C. Steffesen and Mariane Bertelsen, Aarhus Jylland; Soren P. Christensen and Ane M. Nielsen, Aarhus Jylland. We had a nice weather, and we gave out the provisions which was really good, Cannon had bought it, we had meetings every night. May 11 it began to get windy. Sister Wetterlin, Goteborg, had a son, Joseph Kimball. May 12 Sister Mikkelsen, Vensyssel, had a daughter. May 13 still windy, seasick, unfavorable wind. May 14 the weather a little better, not so many seasick. Sunday May 17 N. M. Skougaards little son from Fredericia died, Daniel Skougaard, he was 6 month old,
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Legacy NFS Source: Daniel Skougaard - Memory of Someone: burial: ; At Sea
Family Members
Daniel Skougaard
Children ()
Marriage: 5 January 1850
Lundum, Voer, Skanderborg, Denmark
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